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Let's Meet a Romanian eBay Scammer - Hello, Ghiuri Simionescu... -

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Let's Meet a Romanian eBay Scammer
Hello, Ghiuri Simionescu...
06:08PM Tuesday Jul 31 2007 by Karl
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The past few years have seen an increase in eBay and phishing scams out of Romania. Our resident scambusters have privately been tracking one operation in particular -- a group of young Romanians that have been scamming people around the world for thousands of dollars over the past year.
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The scammers hack machines for use as eBay phishing hosts, then use the acquired Paypal accounts and passwords to buy expensive items on eBay. The phishing efforts also net them plenty of eBay accounts, which are then used to hold bogus online auctions.

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By tracking a number of these scams over the past year, our users were able to identify a major young Romanian phisher and scammer named Ghiuri Simionescu. That's him at the right, chilling out with his dad after a hard day ripping people off. Our resident scambusters also managed to identify a Romanian friend of his living in Spain named "Florin," who helps coordinate drops and pickups.

Ghiuri (above, left) is a charmer. This is an e-mail he sent to a victim after they realized a deal to buy Nokia phones was a scam:
Why do you not send me the money ? Please keep your stupid words for you, or I will blow your f***ing internet and your f***ing stupid network provider for 1 mother f***er YEAR. okay ? Take it easy, I am doing my job , just my f***ing job. How you have a f***ing job and live a hones and borring life, I have job to take money from stupid people but not like you ... you are a little smart but dont worry, will be someone there to take your stupid money and to lough. I repeat, keep your f***ing words for you and tell them to your wife and let me do my job in peace.

God Bless America because there are a Lot of f***ings stupid mother f***er cock sucker Lamers !!! Have a good day and see you in HELL.
The eloquent Mr. Simionescu has since shifted his attention toward selling nonexistent Nintendo Wiis.

Users were able to identify a number of his accounts, compromise many of the e-mail addresses being used, and even nab pictures of his family (who sometimes participate in the scams). They have also been using the data to warn potential victims, keeping at least some money out of Ghiuri's pockets.

One Russian victim lost $2,000 when trying to buy mobile phones. The victim became rather distressed -- going so far as to hint at suicide after losing his life's savings in the deal gone bad:
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The story then takes an entertaining turn.
"Florin you ripped off the Russian mafia you *******.
-Our phish chaser

Our chief resident scambuster decided to lend the Russian victim a hand in what he calls a "longshot." He called the scammers and pretended to be the victim's uncle and a member of the Russian mafia. After rattling off complete details of Florin and Ghiuri's operation, he says they're being watched, and that they have eight hours to give the kid a full refund. His description of "the chat":
So it goes something like this. I said. "Florin hey Florin"...silence.... "Hey Florin this is Ghiuri's friend" ....he says "who are you I don't know you" I said "listen very carefully Florin or you will know me real soon". "Florin you ripped of the Russian mafia you ******* " He says "I don't know what you are talking about, you must have the wrong number" I start to yell. "Florin you ripped off my stupid nephew" he says "who are you talking about" I said "you know who, the Russian kid, you took his $2,000". "now pay attention Florin, and make sure you tell this to Ghiuri too, don't send him his cut"

"I know where you are right now ******, I have people that are less than 30 minutes away from you". "I know which Western Union you picked up the money from" "I know every move you are making" I then told him the mobile service carrier he was using (I looked it up first).

"I said now listen carefully Florin, you have 8 ***** hours to send my nephed his money back, 8 hours" If not I will ship you ass back to Romania in a box, with one phone stuffed down your throat and another up your ass, do you hear me"

"Russian mafia are everywhere Florin," and I swear if that money is not on the way back in 8 hours, you will go back to Romoland in a box, I will even write your obituary on the outside". He goes yes !!

I said you call Ghiuri right now and tell him also, I have people in Bucheresti and Constanta. If that money aint back to that kid, tell Ghiuri that they will be taking him, Ana Serban, and the rest of the Simonescu family on a one way trip to the mountains in the boot of that ***** taxi.

I said " we scam more **** people before breakfast than you a Ghiuri do in six months"

"Now Florin, you call Ghiuri right now and get this kid his money back"

He goes "I will take care of it"

I said "if you never want to hear form me again you better, oh and dont ever **** with the Russian Mob again...... oh and Florian tell Ghiuri to call the kid and tell him ......Hurry......Comprende Amigo..Capiche ?... He goes "Yes Yes Goodbye"

The pair of Romanian scammers quickly refunded the money, the victim is beyond grateful.

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