Friday, 22 February 2008

How to narrow a search down to a particular site

Tip of the Week from the "Security Now" podcast.

"...if people want to data-mine the Security Now! transcripts, Google
can help. ...  You type "site:" and then you can narrow its search
down to a site. So in this case, if you type "" and then
the word "transcript," which will narrow it down to transcripts, and
then whatever keywords you want, boom.

What this means is that if you want to find some specific things on one

1) -start google..

2) -in the search type "site:" then the internet site you want (eg )

3) -next put a space and follow that with the word or term you are
searching for.

For example:

"site: phone"

This will get me directly to my article about the Romanian internet
scammers that got their just rewards.

Great tip if you know there is some info on a site but can't remember
where it was!

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