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Twitter Fan Wiki / Apps

This is a collection of twitter apps for the Mac in required
    Ada - Ada is the perfect little Twitter app with a clean, simple design. It doesn't hog up your desktop or distract you with a million crazy features. See and send tweets, replies and direct messages. Ada runs on both PCs and MACs.

    AlertThingy - AlertThingy v2 brings the very latest updates from your favourite social networks direct to your desktop. Plus send Tweets, update your Facebook status, upload photos to Flickr, post to Tumblr and more. With v2 AlertThingy makes it faster and easier to manage the online you. Plus you get the coolest looking RSS reader on the interweb.

    Airmailr - A full-featured Mac OS X dashboard widget for Twitter

    BigTweet - BigTweet installs easily and quickly as a bookmarklet on all the major browsers and allows you to post to Twitter (or FriendFeed) from any web page. Automatically capture the current page title, URL and any highlighted text. Insert special Unicode characters and shorten URLs with the API right from the bookmarklet window. Optionally add a API Key to track and view statistics on your shortened links. No registration is required - only Twitter login credentials are needed.

    Blogo - A weblog editor which is also a full-featured Twitter client integrated with Twitpic, tinyURL, tweetburner and

    Bluebird - A simple and beautiful twitter client by {13Bold}. Bluebird has support for html/css themes and works great for updating multiple accounts!

    Canary - An easy to use, single column Cocoa twitter client with filters, drag and drop TwitPic integration and more.

    Celly. OS X. The original Twittergotchi as a downloadable app by Chris Messina

    Chirp v.5. OS X. Dashboard Widget for Twitter, FriendFeed,, and Pownce by Warm Chocolate.

    Chitter. OS X. Plug-in for iChat by ROFL Software

    EventBox. OS X. Social network aggregator with full support for Twitter (searching, etc).

    feedalizr - A free deskptop application that allows you to view, rate and comment on what your friends are sharing online. Tweet, upload pics to Flickr, update your Facebook status, keep up to date with your friends’ Google Reader, Digg, Tumblr, YouTube and posts on Friendfeed. Use unique filters to reduce the noise. Duplications are filtered out. -- by MIH SWAT

    Friendbar- A Firefox toolbar that is the best way to follow Twitter & Facebook updates, and post to Twitter and Facebook

    iChat Status to Twitter. Applescript that pushes your iChat status, including iTunes current song by WT Leroux

    iTunes to Twitter. Applescript that pushes out your iTunes current song by WT Leroux

    MoodBlast. Updates Twitter (and Facebook, Jaiku, Tumblr, Yappd, iChat, Adium, Skype) from a hotkey with extensive replacement strings.

    NatsuLion - NatsuLion is a simple native Twitter client for Mac OSX with ability to view only @replies.

    Nambu - Free desktop application that combines Twitter, FriendFeed, Twitter Search and URL shortening together into a great streamlined experience.

    P3:PeraPeraPrv for Mac - P3: PeraPeraPrv for Mac is fully functional twitter client based on Java. P3 supports full-keyboard based operation, filter view to tracking with @id's and keyword, quick-appearance changing, English/Japanese/Chinese interface and many features.

    PhotoTwitter. This application allows you to take a Snapshot using your iSight and post the photo and your text on Twitter.

    pocket* - A refreshingly simple twitter client by the author of TwitterPod.

    Pwytter - The free open source Twitter client written in Python now packaged as an App

    RAILhead Design. Wiki page. UPDATED TO v1.3.2 on 02-23-2007.

    Robin. OS X Dashboard Widget by SimplyExcited.

    Scalaris - OS X. Built as minimal and unintrusive as possible. Relies on Growl.

    Syrinx - Syrinx is a fully customizable twitter client designed for Leopard (OS X 10.5+). Syrinx is built from two ideals: efficient workflow and customization. It includes some unique features such as the ability to pause the twitter stream, and a bookmark that flags your latest read tweet.

    TikiTwit . Updates your Twitter status when you change your iChat status.

    Tototl 1.4 - An opensource and lightweight Twitter Client for Mac OSX in Cocoa

    Tweetie for the Mac - a beautiful application including features such as threaded conversations and DMs, detached search windows, support for multiple URL-shortening and photo-posting services, and much more.

    Twidget. OS X. Twitter Dashboard by Aquabox

    Twitgit. OS X. Dashboard Widget by Ben Ward (See also Wiki Page)

    TwitterFun - A clean, easy to use Twitter Client for mac. It has seven URL shortners, send @replys to your friends, Send/Receive Direct Messages, and apply filters to your searches.

    Twits -- A simple Open Source Bash Status updater (v0.0.5 Stable). Also obtaining more features and optional GUI.

    Twitter Thingy - A very simple Adobe air based Twitter client for windows, OS X and Linux. It has all the essential functions that get you using the best parts of Twitter as quickly as possible, without having to learn a colossal new bit of software. It also does groups and archiving as well as threaded replies.

    Twitter from TextMate - A simple little script that allows you to tweet from TextMate with a GUI Dialog popup.

    Twittereze SIMBL extension for Twitterific by Sören Kuklau

    Twitterlex. Dashboard Widget by Brett Taylor

    Twitteromatic. OS X. Send out current weather, iTunes track, secret word of the day, this day in history, uptime and current IP.

    TwitterPod. A Twitter app

    TwitterPost. OS X. Desktop app by Maury McCown

    Twitterrific. OS X. Desktop app by Iconfactory (See also Wiki page)

    Twitter Studio. OS X Desktop app by BlueCrestStudios

    Twittia Twitter-client for OS X by Jeena Paradies

    Twoot - An ad-free open source minimalistic customizable twitter client for those who know HTML and CSS. Appified with Fluid.

    Twoot - Extended and improved version by Travis Jeffery.

    Visionary Saver. A Mac OS X screen saver for Twittervision, Twittervision 3D, Flickrvision, and various others.

    Twitterlights MAC app that allows for one click tweeting and content saving (and much more) all free!

    Twitminal Terminal app with growl notifications, very lightweight, free kind of cool .

    pbtweet - pbtweet is small program make your twitter experience ehnance. pbtweet enhances infinite timeline scrolling, automatically update, RT/via style quoting tweet, translating tweets, picture tumbnail badges and inline reply chains to All animation effects based on Webkit's early implementation of CSS3 transitions.-- by t_trace

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