Thursday, 10 June 2010

Electric (element) hot water hearers are becoming illegal!

This is an environmental rant -- not a political rant .. :-)

Hunter region -around Newcastle - New South Wales - Australia is doing something pretty drastic.
Electric (element) hot water hearers are becoming illegal! Any new heater has to be a solar or a heat pump type with subsidies of up to AU$1000 to help with the process.
This will reduce by TONS the amount of CO2 produced each year by our region.
Are any other areas going this way ?
Here's a link to Rheem Hot water as an example
Add to that --"As Part Of The New Economic Stimulus Package, The Federal Government Has Removed The Means Test On The Solar Hot Water Rebate.
You can now get $600 for installing a heat pump, or $1000 for installing an on-the-roof system, when replacing an old electric HWS."
This seems to be a better way of stimulating an economy rather than giving money to banks ;-)


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